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Harry came to Lquinn Training wanting to lose 1.5 stone and begin building his physique. He has done just that in 6 months and loving the benefits of having Personal Training.

With crazy shift work, John needed flexibility and reliability when it came to finding a PT. Working with Lewis he now can schedule his training around work.

Coming from a nasty injury James lost a huge 1.5 stone in just 4 weeks! After losing the weight he is now building his frame on the run up to his wedding!

Sue uses the Personal Training services here at Lquinn Training as well as attending a few of our group classes. She has lost a huge 10kg in just under 10 months.

results that speak for THEMSELVES

Why Choose us?

We here at Lquinn training are proud of the results that our members have achieved in such a short amount of time. Our instructors are able to schedule your training around your busy lives to help you get and stay fit and healthy in this busy world.

Wide range of options to fit all budgets

Group training–Meet like-minded individuals

A variety of Single-Sex Classes

Over 8 Years of Professional Experience

3500 sq foot Private Gym & Studio

Mobile app (workout routines & nutritional plans)

Our ethos is to train hard and stay motivated with specific and individual regimented sessions to help you meet your fitness goals in small fun groups and set appointments so you never miss a session. We utilise the latest technology including a mobile app with your tailored workout and nutrition plans.

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