men's Strength Bootcamp

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All-male strength camps to help you lose fat and build strength.

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mens strength bootcamp

All-male strength bootcamp

If you’re not seeing the results you wanted from the gym, have hit a plateau in your training, or aren’t sure how to best build your strength, then you need LQuinn Training’s Men’s Strength Camp. Our private gym in Saddleworth hosts these all-male strength camps to help people like you smash your targets and reach higher ceilings than ever before.

Train with lead personal trainer Lewis Quinn 3 times a week to build the muscles in your legs, chest, back, arms, and shoulders. Following our specific program in class will help you to maximise your performance whilst systematically working the targeted muscles. We have specifically designed this men’s strength and fitness class to change your physique and maximise your performance.

How you’ll benefit

Build muscle whilst losing fat

Targeted strength workouts with lead personal trainer

Build out your back, shoulders, arms, chest, and legs

Build out your back, shoulders, arms, chest, and legs

Learn exercises to incorporate into your own routine

Learn about nutrition for building muscle

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womens strength bootcamp

What's included?

X3 1-hour muscle-split sessions per week

Online coaching as well as in gym work

Support group with lead trainer

FREE mobile app with extra training programs and nutrition options

Train at Our Private Gym

These private classes are held at our private gym, so you will only be training with likeminded group members. All of our training groups have limited spaces, so you’ll be training with the same individuals every time you come. You’ll train with lead personal trainer Lewis Quinn and the other men in your group all aiming for the same goals.

Feel stronger, build muscle, and push your gym performance today.

Men’s Strength Camps are open to all abilities, whether you’ve been weights training for a while and have hit a plateau or have never tried weights before and want to build your muscle. The programs are personalised to what you’re comfortable with, so you can keep hunting your personal goals. Experience motivation and dedication like no other when you join our dedicated men’s gym classes today.

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payments Options

strength camp plans

When you join as a pay as you go member, you can attend as many sessions as you’d like.

When you join our monthly membership, however, you’ll not only receive cheaper session prices but you will also have access to our WhatsApp group of motivated members, the LQuinn Training mobile app, and nutrition plans with extra workouts to help support your fitness journey.

Strength Camp runs on Monday 6pm , Tuesday 6pm & Thursday 6pm

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