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Training with a close friend or in a small group can yield great results. Exercising in the company of others can motivate people to achieve their fitness goals quicker, whilst having fun and strengthening or building relationships.

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PT Group Sessions

Why train in a group?

Whether your fitness goals are to build muscle, lose weight, or tone and strengthen your body to feel more confident, participating in group personal training classes is a great way to work out with the support and enthusiasm of like-minded people.

Achieve Real Results at One of Our Group Personal Training Classes in Saddleworth

Our group PT classes give everyone the opportunity to enjoy a workout tailored to everyone. From strength and conditioning to improving suppleness and flexibility, stamina and, above all, else, confidence, everyone is welcome. Improve your cardiovascular fitness or strengthen your core. Enhance your agility and stabilise balance in a comfortable and welcoming environment.

Personal Training in a Group Setting

There are multiple benefits to training in a group, with friends or like-minded people. Just as exercising with a personal trainer can bolster your commitment and increase your accountability, personal training in a group setting increases your accountability to your routine. You’re less likely to skip a session and more likely to push forward to achieve your fitness goals.

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Group PT sessions

An Affordable Way to Get Fit

As well as our personal training programmes, our private gym also offers a full range of fitness classes that you’ll have access to in your programme, as well as strength camps and various bootcamps, all designed to get your body moving.

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Why Choose us?

We here at Lquinn training are proud of the results that our members have achieved in such a short amount of time. Our instructors are able to schedule your training around your busy lives to help you get and stay fit and healthy in this busy world.

Wide range of options to fit all budgets

Group training–Meet like-minded individuals

A variety of Single-Sex Classes

Over 8 Years of Professional Experience

3500 sq foot Private Gym & Studio

Mobile app (workout routines & nutritional plans)

Our ethos is to train hard and stay motivated with specific and individual regimented sessions to help you meet your fitness goals in small fun groups and set appointments so you never miss a session. We utilise the latest technology including a mobile app with your tailored workout and nutrition plans.

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